Work Group Membership

Disclaimer: The list that follow are of individuals who were a part of the Accelerated Confidential Disclosure Agreement (ACDA) work group at its formation. This list shows past and current membership. These members were involved in the drafting, editing and review of the document. For a list of contact please visit our “Institution and Organizations” page.

Member Institution/Organization
Neela Patel AbbVie
Chris McKinney Augusta University (formerly Georgia Regents University)
Sarah White Augusta University (formerly Georgia Regents University)
Eileen Shore Albert Einstein Medical Center
Robin Bissell Case Western Reserve University
Ginny Petrie Case Western Reserve University
Patty Winger CCRC Consultants
Soo Bang Celgene Corporation
Charles Maris Children’s National Health System
Natasha Martien Children’s National Health System
Amanda Kasper Children’s National
Leslie Sullivan-Stacey Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Patricia Winger Community Consultant
Bruce Gingles Cook Medical
Sheila Noone Dartmouth College
Oshrat Benmoshe-Doriocourt Duke University
Ming Wu Edwards Lifesciences
Sharon Semones Eli Lilly and Company
Iruka Ndubuizu Emory University
Nikki Simmons Emory University
Mary-jo Wesley Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Mont Brownlee Johns Hopkins University
Gayle Walters Johns Hopkins University
Stanley McDermott Kansas City University
Christopher Creagan Kimberley-Clark
David Tharp Knode
Nickie M. Bruce Mayo Clinic
Tiffany Mitchell MD Anderson
April Haverty Medical College of Wisconsin
Katie Carlin Medstar
Neil Weissman Medstar
Alan Naidoff Merk, Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Suzanne Page Miami University
Susan Andersen New York University School of Medicine
Rex Chisholm Northwestern University
Jeffrey Masters Northwestern University
Sean M. Perry Northwestern University
John Robinson Ohio State University
Darlene Kitterman Oregon Health & Science University
Karen Lodigiani Partners Health
Barbara Suchanec Pennsylvania State University, Hershey
Terry Novchich Pennsylvania State University, Hershey
Melissa Fitzgerald Pfizer
Teresa Solomon Rockefeller University
Greg Fond Sanofi
Jay Jennings Sanofi
Glennia R. Campbell Stanford University
Maryam Khotan Sutter community hospitals
Beth Kaiser The Ohio State University Medical Center
Meghan Coughlin Tufts Medical Center
Frederick Frankhauser Tufts Medical Center
Renee Clements University of Alabama at Birmingham
Tim Parker University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dori Wong University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Andrew Jones University of California-office of the President
Hillary Kalay University of California-office of the President
Charles Greer University of California, Riverside
Cynthia Wells University of California, Riverside
Kent Iwamiya University of California, San Francisco
Jim Kiriakis University of California, San Francisco
Richard Hichwa University of Iowa
Linda R. Jones University of Iowa
Brennan Cox University of Louisville
Dave King University of Louisville
Kevyn Merten University of Louisville
Matthew Hawthorne University of Louisville
Nathaniel Hafer University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester
Meg Johnson University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester
Margaret Koziel University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester
Amanda Coulter University of Michigan
Lark Haunert University of Michigan
Tony Nielsen University of Michigan
Andy Johns University of North Carolina
Aylin A. Regulski University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kathryn Steinburgler University of Pennsylvania
Kate Snow University of Pittsburgh
Brenda Kavanaugh University of Rochester
Scott Steele University of Rochester
Randy Hall University of Southern California
Soheil Jadali University of Southern California
Allison Ramos University of Southern California
George Tolomiczenko University of Southern California
David Hawkins Univerity of Texas Austin
Rae Schofield University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Robert Gratzl University of Wisconsin
Larry Westby University of Wisconsin
Steve Harsy University of Wisconsin Madison
Terri Edwards Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Libby Salberg Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Susan Robb Virginia Commonwealth University
Cathy Berg Washington University
Melanie Roewe Washington University
Melanie Roewe Washington University, St. Louis
Gretchen Vaughn Washington University, St. Louis
Yi Zhang Washington University, St. Louis
Linda Baichoo Weill Cornell
Rob Lowe Wellspring
Bob Starbuck Wyeth



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